10 Barrel Jorts Kit


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Choose your size, cut them yourself, open up a Pilsner. Cheers!

This kit includes:

  • 1 pair of vintage denim pants
  • 1 pair of Let’s Rip socks
  • 1 Let’s Rip iron on patch
  • 1 6 pack of Pilner
  • 1 pair of gold scissors


Luck of the Draw is a resale vintage shop tucked away in the heart of mid-town Bend, Oregon.  We specialize in all things vintage, but one of our absolute favorite things to source is vintage denim – the comfort and confidence, the  made-up vignette tinted memories we conjure up for each thrifted piece, and the shiny fun memories yet to be made, all contribute to our love of this classic and humble textile.

At some point or another, your parents, and likely even your parents’ parents, probably took up a pair of scissors to create their own, custom pair of denim jean shorts- “jorts”, if you will.  It’s a coming of age ritual where we throw caution to the wind and take matters into our own hands, customizing our jorts to fit both our bodies AND our personalities, each distinctly unique from the next person’s.

That’s why when 10 Barrel approached us to collaborate on this jort project, we jumped!  We sourced a wide range of vintage denim jeans in all shapes, sizes, washes, and brands with the goal of providing the best options for unique and individualized jort creation.

Vanity sizing has changed drastically over the years, and has always varied from brand to brand, which is why we’ve chosen to size these based on their true unisex measurements.  Pro-tip: Measure a pair of jeans or shorts that fit you great and compare to what’s available in the online shop.